Honestly, I'm not sure who I want to be, but I want to know everything.

Perpetual stray cat loner queer. Living in Appalachia and whining a lot. Cisgender. Passing Mixed Race. Latina. Able bodied. Depressed. Kinda aromantic. Student hell bent on making things a little better.

If I can get out of bed today.

Tw: gore, violence, cannibalism, violence involving children


My gore dreams have returned and now they include the eating of newborn infants. What the fuck brain. What the hell.

In the dream I followed a woman into the woods and she asked me to help her hide her baby. Then she starts eating it. Im horrified. Why does my brain?

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Today is the day I shave my body hair.

It feels weirdly symbolic.

I am going to fast for 3 days. 

I have also sworn off sex until I meet somebody I’m interested in being in a relationship with. 

I’m also going to shave all of my body hair. 

Honestly it’s just awkward to go to the gym and be hairy. I can handle it anywhere else, just not at the gym. I guess I feel offensive. Like my body hair offends people and I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. 

I also kind of like the idea of the process of shaving. 

I have been having recurring dreams of beetles.

Yep. Up at 5am writing papers just because. 

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I’m too bored of other people to have sex with them..

I never thought this day would come.

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RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Photograph by Helmut Newton.

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RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Photograph by Helmut Newton.