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My birthday happened recently and I’m pretty proud of myself. I managed to get everything done that I needed to and work a lot despite the shenanigans that occurred on my birthday. I got vegan ice cream with a friend after classes, studied, went to student union, then saw Book of Life with a couple kids. After that I went to a gay club and shit got wild. I am kind of already engaging in some behavior I had planned on not participating in. Like, romantic/sexual type stuff.

I’m finding it very hard to know who to trust. Maybe that’s paranoia, maybe its reasonable. I don’t know.

I’m thankful for:
- the luxury of incredibly late night studying.
- gay clubs with dancing
- the fact that my school had a queer porn film screening tonight.

Today my To Shin Do instructor asked me to meditate about something that excites me. Something that I’m truly driven to do and that I approach with intention. All I could think of was sex. That’s really sad I think.    

Franz von StuckSalome (detail)1906

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Franz von Stuck
Salome (detail)


I have been keeping up with my work better this week since I was more prepared for it. I’m energetic and enthusiastic about my reading and my professors. Im trying not to be nervous and to just be confident. There are really brilliant people here and I’m very excited to become closer to them and hear their ideas.

I’ve been trying to become as engaged as possible as far as activism goes. I go to all the meetings but its kind of difficult to get going. I hope to find my footing in that way.

Its my birthday today. I’m gonna go somewhere with a friend to do a fun thing in the evening but other than that I’m going to work and read and write an essay.

I’m thankful for:
1- My roommate that recently took me to town to get my new phone activated.
2- The awesome kitchen staff that recently gave me a job washing dishes.
3- New friends that sing me happy birthday in the halls.


October 12, 2014

I have been keeping up with my homework quite well I believe. I will do better this coming week. Organizing my time is a big part of acclimating. I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few days but I seem to be getting better. I am also quitting coffee again. I started during orientation because I was so exhausted all the time. I should feel better when that is completely out of my system also. I went to Street Fair yesterday and that was kind of an experience. I have been trying to take part in a lot of group meetings. That has allowed me to connect with the upperclassmen some and learn more about the activism that is occurring on campus. I am extremely enthusiastic about that. Very excited.

My classes are exciting and also intimidating. I think it will just take a bit of time to feel confident. I’m trying. Today I am going to Figure Drawing Club. That should be fun and relaxing.

  1. I am grateful for fellow activists that have welcomed me to assist them with their missions.

  2. I am grateful for my mother, who just recently sent me a new phone because mine is 100% dead to the world (another reason I haven’t been writing).

  3. I am grateful for new friends that watch Buffy with me before brunch =)  


Today I had Sex and Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective and it seems like it’s going to be an amazing class. I also went to Visual Culture and my second Spanish class. It seems like my Spanish class moves at a fast pace but every class uses the language a ton and I think if I start working hard each night I’ll get it. I guess I have been taking this week kind of easy but I need to work on my study habits immediately. 

I met some new people today. I meet new people every day. 

-I am thankful for the kitchens that provide nourishing, ethical food each day.

-I am thankful for professors that allow diverse assignment options that allow you to show that you’re learning in a way that is most interesting to you. 

-I am thankful for fellow students that are interested in current political issues. 


I woke up so early today. It was really productive. I had my first day of class. It was a little underwhelming but the first day usually is. 

I’ll write more about my To Shin Do class later. I left there feeling good and empowered. 
I had my first Queer Center meeting and I felt super stoked about it. There are a lot of really awesome ideas involving education, advocacy, and discourse. I can’t wait to get more involved. Everybody here has great ideas. I hope I have the drive and enthusiasm to bring them to life. 
I went to the gym after. I played badminton. 
-I am thankful for late night visits from the coolest dudes around. 
-I am thankful for classmates that leave your lost water bottle outside your door with a cute little note. 
-I am thankful for each experience that brings me closer to trusting other people. 


I went to a safety and recycling lecture this morning followed by financial planning. I’m not super into it. I hate thinking about money. It’s the most stressful thing. After that I went to the free store and took some clothes. That was kind of cool. I love that we have those things available. I also borrowed a bunch of zines. Then I got some coffee in town with kids. After that I played cards against humanity like a responsible college student. 

We also had an open mic in the evening. Everyone here is so talented. It’s remarkable. 
Classes start tomorrow. I’m excited.
-I’m thankful for zines and free knowledge sharing.
-I’m thankful for slouchy hats.
-I’m thankful for letters written by hand.


This morning we did a workshop dedicated to strategies for community. We talked about how to recognize, understand, and respect identities mostly. There was a big emphasis on communication. It was good and healthy.

A fellow student and I helped an older couple with their lawn work yesterday as a service project. They were so sweet! I cleaned their gutters and mowed and turned their compost. They were so kind and grateful. He used to be a professor at my school and had a lot of interesting things to discuss. She was into the women’s movement and affordable housing. When all our tasks were done we went inside for tea, nuts, and fruit slices :3 

After that I went to my first hall meeting where we had to do a heads down vote regarding if “all floor residents may expose their nipples or all floor residents must keep their nipples covered.” I love this place.

Later my roommate and I went adventuring. I got back pretty late and slept so hard.

•I am thankful for my ability to do outdoor work.

•I am thankful for hot tea after hard work.

•I am thankful for elderly people that are still in love.

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